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Water is not one solid mass of liquid, but actually comprises of layers. When these layers slide by each other, such as when the waters are shaken, the surfaces of the layers are susceptible to absorbing a bio energy force. Whenever water is turbulent, negative forces affect it. These forces are often man made. In nature, structured energy is broken whenever water flows over rocks. Water can move around sharp bends or over elevations and depressions in a river or streambed.

The molecules in water, under the influence of “bio structuring”, become either positively or negatively charged. The result is that the water’s natural repulsion or attraction is greatly enhanced. The positive charge is the optimum situation we are seeking. When this occurrence happens, an increased number of molecules cluster together and cause “liquid crystal chains.” These crystal chains cause a drastic change in the composition of the affected water. The “structured” water then becomes quite different from the normal tap water we have at our disposal today. This “structured” water is then much more like “natural water” as you find it in a pristine natural environment. At K-ionic we perform this structuring by adding the 7.83Hz frequency using a proprietory process. This frequency, known as the Schumann frequency after a German physicist, is the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere, between the surface and the densest part of the ionosphere.

There are benefits associated with “structured” water because it then becomes the way we should expect our own body’s’ healthy water content to be.

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Put simply, our body does not have to make stressful and energy-burning transformations in the structure of the “unnatural water” for our bodies to assimilate and utilize it. Unnatural water takes energy from our body and natural “structured” water gives energy to our body.

As people find themselves getting sicker and sicker from modern foods, pollution, and dangerous medications, they are looking for alternatives that will give them re- lief. Not surprisingly, people are becoming more skeptical of EMF and other harmful radiations that seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. If you are concerned about electronic smog and the impact on your health, it is time to find out about some things that being shielded by the Schumann Frequency can do to alleviate problems caused by exposure to manmade EMF.


Sri Lanka is known for its lakes, rivers, waterfalls and reservoirs, some natural and some built by the country’s ancient monarchy. K-ionic water is taken directly from a private estate in the Central Highlands and is brought to our processing and bottling plant. There the 7.83 Hz frequency is added using our secret proprietory process before being shipped across the world. This frequency is known to have beneficial effects to human physiology. Not least: Increased Energy Levels, Improved Stamina and Faster Recovery from Illnesses.

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…improves the appearance of fine wrinkles.

                            …improves acne-prone skin.

…improves cognisance.

                                    …is a fast-acting reviver.


  1. reduces ageing lines.
  2. softens skin.
  3. improves cognisance – perfect for office staff and children alike.
  4. results in make up lasting longer when applied beforehand and helps skin creams absorb quicker.
  5. reduces effects of e-smog, when sprayed around the head.
  6. improves freshness and taste of any natural food or drinks, fresh juices and even alcoholic beverages.
  7. makes food last longer (including fish, meat, fruit and vegetables).
  8. helps fights the negative effects of jetlag – great for those traveling on long haul flights.
  9. reduces receiving and protects from EMF
  10. reduces pains and aches when sprayed over the affected area.


  1. Affordable.
  2. Portable – fits inside a pocket or handbag.
  3. 100% Natural – no added ingredients.

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  • When sprayed on the skin it quickly absorbs, unlike normal water. Mist should be sprayed directly onto clean skin before applying any beauty or cosmetic products. Great products for air travellers, spray over your face to keep your skin moist – the K-ionic water stays on your skin longer than normal water, reducing jetlag and fatigue.
  • Spray over your natural cosmetics to enhance more than recommended.
  • The mist can be sprayed directly over any food or beverage (if the food or beverages are contained in glass or ceramics, simply spray onto the OUTSIDE of the container). You may also spray outside your beverage glass. Spray outside the glasses of Alcoholic or fresh juices will enhance the taste much fresher, sweeter and refined.
  • Spraying over acidic fruits can reduce the acidity and provide a fresher taste.